Established in 1982, National Plastics is a growing asset based post-industrial scrap recycling company based in Whitehall, PA and is a proven long-term partner to numerous manufacturers for their plastic scrap, tolling and feedstock needs.  National Plastics is well positioned to meet both supplier and customer needs with it’s growing processing capacity and is the region’s leading market maker for plastic scrap materials on the secondary market.  We provide competitive pricing for the purchase, sale or tolling of many types of commodity and engineering grade plastics in truckload, partial and mixed quantities.

By staying on top of recent developments in recyclin technologies, we pride ourselves on being able to educate scrap producers on what is possible for reclaiming value from their waste streams.  We constantly work to find ways to reclaim value from scrap parts made from multiple materials and contaminated materials that may otherwise be disposed of.  We accept materials in all types of forms such as obsolete packaging that is boxed, loose parts, purge, lumps, bales, boxed regrinds and bulk materials.

Additionally, National Plastics has the experience to develop custom single stream recycling programs with direct producers of waste materials and their stakeholders to reprocess scrap materials for reuse and keep them out of landfills.  Our single stream recycling programs offer a simple solution to maximize the value of all your recyclables, while minimizing vendors and space requirements when dealing with multiple partners.

Traditionally, these programs involve spotting a trailer or placement of equipment such as balers for the accumulation of scrap materials.  Our approach is to simplify and expedite the management of your waste streams by providing the necessary information and resources our suppliers and customers require.

We also provide a comprehensive selection of toll services for manufacturers looking to reclaim their scrap for internal use, such as, grinding, reprocessing, paper and fines removal, metal separation, film reclamation, and sorting.  We also can provide secure, certified destruction services for small and large quantities alike.

Despite the recent volatility in commodity markets, we put an emphasis on building long term relationships and have proven to be a stable outlet for scrap materials, despite these extreme fluctuations.   If you are looking for a reliable, long-standing recycling partner for your organization, please contact us today.